Subliminal Sexual Enhancement Series: Natural Impotence Cure Subliminal Audio CD

By | May 21, 2018
Subliminal Sexual Enhancement Series: Natural Impotence Cure Subliminal Audio CD

The messages on this album: My penis naturally gets erect / I always achieve an erection / I always stay erect / I keep my erections for a long time / My penis stays hard during sex / I am stress-free / I enjoy an active sex life / I look forward to sex / I am fully confident in my sexual ability / I naturally get and maintain an erection / My penis has full blood circulation / My penis has a healthy blood and energy circulation
All of our subliminal CDs are manufactured to high-quality retail specifications: they look and feel like any CD you would find in a retail store. They include printed discs, full color case inserts and covers, and come sealed with cellophane over-wrap.
Each album contains 3x 10 minute tracks. The subliminal messages are at an audio frequency inaudible to the human ear – this means you will not hear any voices or guided hypnosis – all you will hear is our relaxing ocean / nature sounds. The subliminal messages are in the background, they go straight to, and are processed by your unconscious mind, so no extra effort is required on your part while listening.+ FREE BONUS track! We also give you a 4th subliminal track which is completely silent containing key subliminal messages from the first 3 tracks. You can listen to this track anywhere, anytime for maximum exposure.
You can listen to our album through either headphones or speakers, either way you will receive the benefit.

  • Cure your impotency and gain back your sexual confidence with our natural impotence cure subliminal audio album!
  • Re-wire the area of your brain that is causing your erectile dysfunction/impotency.
  • Subliminally train your penis to get hard and stay hard.
  • Remove any worry or stress and allow yourself to get a natural erection.

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